Mixing, Mastering, Music Production & Audio Services.

Original Music for Art Events, Movies, Experimental Acts, Podcast and Audiobooks.
All music is composed, written and arranged for every individual customer. The goal is to provide a unique service and satisfaction. Soundalike productions with performances of the finest musicians in Berlin.

Mixing and Mastering for Vinyl, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.
Hybrid Analog and Digital Mixing and Mastering approach. With the help of the finest Audio Production Suites and the color of state of the art Analog Outboard equipment your music will reach clarity and punch of contemporary industry standards.

Audio for Video. Edit, Correction and Restoration.
Background Noise Reduction, Clicks and Pops removal, Vocal Pitch correction, De-Breathe, De-Verb, Dynamics etc.
Video Edit for Bloggers, Recorded Video Conferences, Presentations and Video Pitch.