It’s a boutique studio, equipped with high-end audio and audio-visual equipment for making your albums, EPs or videos come to life at the top level, but for a fraction of the price of a typical studio. Our business philosophy is to support the underground music scene. Independent artists are able to pay approximately half the amount of the market rate for a studio of this size and level, and our voluntary record label, podcast and media channels help promote artists within the community.

Our engineers are all multi-instrumentalists, producers, arrangers and writers who’ve spent a lifetime recording and performing around the world. We know what it’s like to be in a studio and how to get you in the right frame of mind to deliver your best performances, and can help you build your songs into the final arrangement you always wanted.


Pro Tools Ultimate, Ableton Live Suite 10, Cubase Pro 11

FabFilter ProQ, Soundoys, Slate Digital, Izotope Suite, and much more.


Barefoot Micromain 27, Hedd Type 20, Dynaudio BM6a

Beyerdynamic 880 Pro, Beyerdynamic 770, Sennheiser Hd25.


Motu 828ES, Ferrofish A16, RME Digiface.


Equalizers: Side-b custom made Berry Porter EQ.

Dynamics: Airfield Liminator M2, Roger Foote P3S ME.

Preamplifiers: Golden Age Project Pre-73 Premier, Universal Audio 6176

Mastering: SPL Masterbay, Nocturn Audio M/S Matrix.

Summing: Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 16MK2


Korg Ms20, Korg Ms10, Roland Sh101, Roland Juno 106, Cyclone Analogic TT303 mkI.

Roland Tr707, Alesis Hr16, Emu Procussion.

Akai Mpc1000, Beatstep Pro, Elektron Model Samples, Elektron Model Cycles.