Master (Vinyl or Digital):

Starting from 30€/song

Stem Mastering (up to 8 stereo tracks) starting from 60€/song.

Price is always tailored, to have a quotation contact me.


100€/song up to 32 tracks. A remotely assisted session is possible, you will listen to my master bus from your home studio, headphones are recommended.

Price is always tailored, to have a quotation contact me.

Recording and Overdub:

The studio offers a wide variety of hardware synthesizers and drum machines, as well ad different outboard gear and a wide collection of Microphones to add color and texture.
Vocal recording, my approach is to work side by side, on headphones. A big advantage is that the musician can take decisions, in real time, over the final effect chain, speeding up production time.
If you feel you need to be alone in a vocal booth, feel free to contact me or “The Famous Goldwatch” to book a session.

Media Services:

30 minutes video/podcast/audiobook, full-service, 150€.
The price can be substantially reduced as the quality of your audio material increase. I will assist you and answer all your question about how to deliver the best possible quality and aim for industry-standard results. Minimum 100€/h.

If your camera man and sound recordist screwed up, ask for a free consultation on your material. I will provide you a detailed feedback and a price list.

Sound Design:

Audio Logo, Sound Effects for Games, Apps and Movies. Please contact me and I will prepare a detailed quotation.