Stereo Mastering for Music, Streaming, Podcasts, CD, Vinyl and all major online players. Free pre-master consultation to ensure the best sonic result, attended session for no additional cost.

The Mastering Chain is a mix of carefully selected plugins and hardware outboard gear with the intention to maximize the best aspects of both domains.


Analog summing is my favourite workflow. All your tracks will be routed into a 16ch Phoenix Audio Nicerizer (transformer balanced), it is possible to use the Mastering equipment for the mixing stage.

Vocal Recording, Tuning and Edit:

Instrumentalists and Singers perform better when they only have to care about emotions. Let me help you with the tech stuff. I will follow in your journey with your instruments until the best take. I like to work together in the same room to create a very fast and confidential workflow but also a separate room can be arranged.

Podcasts Production, Video Mastering and Edit.

Background Noise and humongous dynamics can ruin your podcast or your Youtube video.
EX: often the volume has to be risen because of background noise, just a moment later, the voice is extremely loud to blow your speakers up.
This is terribly annoying from the viewer side and extremely bad for your business. Let me help you to provide your followers with the best possible experience of your content.

Feel free to ask me for a free consultation on your material.

Music Production:

I am always in the search of new bands with eclectic sound ideas. I am a synth-freak and my private collection count on some piece of history that would serve great to make unique music. I offer the technical knowledge and the gear, you bring the music and the ideas. If you need to record a live band or approach pre-production my favourite spot, clearly, is The Famous Goldwatch Audiovisual Studio.

I am happy to hear your ideas and suggest you the best compromise between your goal and your pocket.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Me for further questions or requests.